Elise was born in France  and showed an early interest in traditional crafts and materials. An  avid sailor she sees a lot of similarities between her practice and  sailing. She approaches her work just like she would the ocean, with a  great deal of preparation, as well as humility, knowing that one cannot  control everything. She confesses that sometimes “you just have to let  the material speak.” She strongly believes in the power of emotions and  her designs range from serene to playful, while always showing her love  and respect for craftsmanship and material.

After graduating with honors and outstanding services with a  BFA in Product Design from Otis College of Arts & Design, a  summer apprenticeship in France with master blacksmith Guy Pendanx awoke her love for metal. In 2012 she received her MFA with an  emphasis in metal at California State University Long Beach under Susanna Speirs' guidance. She now teaches metal and jewelry while maintaining an active studio practice.